Leicestershire Housing Services Partnership

The Housing Services Partnership is a working group that consists of a wide range of providers and commissioners supporting the delivery of housing services in Leicester and Leicestershire. The Housing Services Partnership reports to the Health and Wellbeing Board.

The Partnership has a specific role for the identification and achievement of strategic housing priorities. The HSP will also oversee, coordinate and be responsible for achieving the city and county wide outcomes in relation to housing and health.

One of the strategic aims of the HSP is to bring together the overarching housing aims of all our districts and key partners in one place. We will identify the challenges and barriers we face as a sub-region and introduce the initiatives and policies we will adopt in response.

This website provides a central point of information for those who are interested in the work we are doing. It will also serve as a gateway for access to the relevant work and research that is being undertaken both by ourselves and our key partners, locally and nationally.

The most recent agenda and action plan from the Housing Services Partnership meetings can be found by following the links below.