Housing, Health and Wellbeing

Housing has a major impact on health and wellbeing.  The costs of poor housing to health and the savings and wider benefits that can be delivered through housing based interventions for health and social care have been well documented. NHS Report on Housing Based Interventions 

The current picture in Leicestershire is representative of the wider issues across the country. There is a pressing need and  desire to increase partnership working between housing and health providers and adapt a much more proactive and preventative programme to address health and wellbeing issues in our communities.

Data that informs our policies

The most recent data sets highlighting the particular issues for Leicestershire are accessible below. All the documents highlight housing as a key issue to be tackled in order to ease the pressure on the Health bodies in our region. LLRTCP – Leicestershire Leicester and Rutland Transforming Care Partnership Accommodation Strategy

JSNA – Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (2015)

JHWS – Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2017-2022

ASWAA – Accommodation Strategy for Working Age Adults 2017 – 2022

ASOP – Accommodation Strategy for Older People 2016 – 2026

HEDNA – Housing and Economic Development Needs Assessment

SITRA – Overview of current and proposed legislative and regulatory changes on services and communities

LLRTCP – Leicestershire Leicester and Rutland Transforming Care Partnership Accommodation Strategy

How are we responding to the issues raised?

In response to previous health needs assessments the Leicestershires Housing Offer to Health report was published in 2013. The report has and continues to influence our strategic housing response to the issues raised both in past and current needs assessments. Our work will reflect the overall challenge of reducing inequality in our region and contribute to the four strategic aims set out by the JSNA (full report in the data section above)

  • Getting it right from childhood
  • Supporting young people as they make the transition to adulthood
  • Improving the health and wellbeing of working age adults
  • Supporting the ageing population

In order to meet the challenges and recommendations set out above we will…….

  • Continue to develop co-operative working links across housing and health – most notably through the Housing Services Partnership (HSP) –HSP Terms of Reference
  • Recognise and plan for future demographic changes of an increasingly ageing population highlighted in the above reports
  • Identify current need and explore opportunities for specialist housing and Extra Care Developments across the Sub-Region through partnership work with Care Providers, Registered Providers and Leicestershire County Council
  • Continue to support and promote the work of the Lightbulb project ( Lightbulb)
  • Continue to lobby central government on the issues surrounding welfare reform – most notably LHA Caps/Reductions and current/future financial viability of supported and extra care schemes
  • Work proactively with Registered Providers
  • Ensure new homes meet the Decent Homes Standard
  • Ensure that new housing developments promote mixed and sustainable communities

Success Stories

The Lightbulb Project – Housing Lin Case Study

Oak Court Extra Care Scheme – PDF Download

Waterside Court Extra Care Scheme – Waterside 

Waterside Court Opening – EMH